Eagle-eyes may have spotted on our packaging that Really Good Coffee is a quality product from Australia's specialty coffee pioneers, ST. ALi. They bring the premium beans, and Riverina Fresh brings the finest milk. To break that down: it's ethically-sourced coffee beans, roasted by the experts in Melbourne, combined with fresh cold milk from the industry's leading supplier, then poured into nice packages that are not only made from sustainable materials but are also not brown. Okay, iced coffee in a carton isn't a new thing but there's no other offering in the big fridge made from really good, really real ingredients and not much else. It took some sweet time and effort to perfect the ratio of coffee to milk, so we didn't then dose it up with sugars. We use Panela sugar and just the right amount (which might be none, depending on taste). The other thing we didn't do is make something beautifully simple and delicious and then pour it into many, many brown plastic bottles. (Hmm).

We think you'll really like Really Good Coffee, because it's made by the best. ST. ALi are pretty well-known these days for their single-origin and faultless feel-good blends, roasted in-house and served at a gazillion top-notch local cafés including their own. Their beans are sourced as directly as possible from producers with accredited sustainable farming practices. The Really Good Coffee coffee* is a house espresso blend (60% Colombian, 40% Brazilian) that the wizards of ST. ALi have been making and tweaking for years at their South Melbourne roastery. 

As for Riverina Fresh, they've been around so long it might not be polite to say their age. But they're absolutely kicking it. Having developed a range of award-winning fresh milks crafted just for use with coffee, they now supply over 5,000 cafés country-wide and were brand of choice at the 2020 World Barista Championships (that's a thing). Their milk comes from dairy farms in the bountiful Riverina region of NSW and is processed daily in Wagga Wagga. Just like ST. ALi, Riverina Fresh is 100% Australian owned.

*Coffee coffee, that's correct.